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Transfer iPod and iPhone Audio and Playlists TouchCopy lets you duplicate your audio that is iPad and iPod to your Computer or Mac drive. You can even transfer playlists, your audio and video right to iTunes, including play counts, your reviews, your entire melody knowledge and cd art. TouchCopy will even exchange some other audio content on your own iPod, iPhone or iPad like your Audiobooks and iPhone ringtones. Backup iPhone Photos and Videos TouchCopy enables you to replicate films and your pictures from your iPod, iPhone to your Laptop or Mac drive. You are able to move photos included with your product using iTunes along with photos and videos shot making use of your camera that is iPad and iPhone. Save iPhone WhatsApp, SMS and iMessages TouchCopy can export your WhatsApp, SMS and iMessage conversations to your PC. Exported conversations can be seen in your web browser. TouchCopy provides choices for selection messages should you not need to produce or conserve the entire talk and also enables you to print-out interactions. Exchange iPhone Contacts TouchCopy can be used to repeat your iPhone acquaintances for Mac or your PC. Acquaintances could be copied to your hard drive as vCard (.vcf) records. п»ї

How Can Mobile Phone Tracking Apps Work?

Alternatively, TouchCopy could duplicate your associates straight into Microsoft Perspective on Laptop or Address Book on Mac OS X. Backup iPad Guides and PDFs TouchCopy’s Laptop type allows you to copybooks downloaded using the iBooks app on Hint or your iPhone. TouchCopy could backup equally files forms and EPUB. PDF textbooks can be previewed within TouchCopy. Move Internet Bookmarks and Browsing History TouchCopy allows you export and to watch exploring history and your online bookmarks from your iOS unit. You can travel to with your saved pages inside the TouchCopy visitor or backup them for your Laptop to see inside your browser of choice. Copy iPhone Contact Log Record TouchCopy may access your contact logs and lets you duplicate them to Mac or your PC to your documents.

Cellular parental iphone Galaxy Key LTE?mo uso Parental Controls en el iPhone y iPad

Phone records are recorded on your own unit any time which you produce or be given a phone call. These records have any Facetime calls made out of iPad, your iPhone or iPod Contact. Phone logs range from the call’s duration and the time the call was created. Ship iPhone Calendars TouchCopy enables you to move and watch calendars kept on Hint, iPad or your iPhone. Calendars may be ripped as iCal files which can subsequently be imported into Perspective on Spyapps Computer. Into the iCal app, calendars can be copied directly on Mac from within TouchCopy. iPhone Filemanager TouchCopy may be used to get into the file storage on your own iPhone, iPad device. This permits your unit to be used by you as a kind of lightweight storage wherein records and files can be added, copied or erased.

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